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Choosing the Right Solver for Your Simulink Model

Simulink is a powerful simulation and modeling tool integrated with MATLAB, widely used in engineering and scientific research. One of the key aspects of running simulations effectively in Simulink is selecting the appropriate solver. Solvers are algorithms that compute the evolution of the model over time. The right choice of solver can significantly affect the […]

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Mesh Tips for Advanced Simulations in COMSOL

Mesh Tips for Advanced Simulations – In advanced simulations using COMSOL Multiphysics, the mesh quality and configuration can significantly influence the accuracy and efficiency of your results. This blog will delve into specific techniques and considerations for optimizing your mesh for high-fidelity simulations. Interested to Learn Engineering modelling? Check our Courses? Understanding Mesh Types in […]

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Top 10 Tips for Finite Element Simulation

Finite Element Simulation (FES), a marvel of modern engineering, is akin to a digital crystal ball, giving engineers and scientists the power to peek into the future of their designs. This technique uses a numerical method, the finite element method (FEM), to predict how objects react to forces, vibrations, heat, and other physical effects.