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The iPhone 15 Pro Review by Mrwhosetheboss – Surprising Features Apple Didn’t Tell You About!


The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, while seemingly unremarkable at first glance, offer a suite of subtle enhancements and features that collectively deliver a surprisingly beneficial experience. This blog post will delve deep into the unanticipated innovations that Apple brings to the table with the iPhone 15 Pro series, especially focusing on the camera system and the new Action Button.

Subtle Innovations:

Action Button:

The new programmable Action Button replaces the Ring/Silent switch, allowing users to map it to various triggers, offering a quicker way to access the camera. Initially appearing as a redundant feature, its strategic positioning provides a natural resting place for the finger in landscape mode, facilitating immediate photo and video capture with a more ergonomic grip.

Thread Radio:

The incorporation of a new thread radio enhances the iPhone 15 Pro's communication with other Apple smart home devices. This feature, combined with the versatile Action Button, opens avenues for seamless control over home devices.

Call Quality:

The iPhone 15 Pro series has introduced an improvement in voice isolation during calls. This feature significantly reduces background noise, delivering clearer and more isolated voice quality across various call platforms, including normal, FaceTime, and Zoom calls, making communications feel more immediate and intimate.

Performance and Gaming:

The iPhone 15 Pro, equipped with the A17 Pro chip, displays a 10% faster CPU and a 20% boost in graphic scores. Interestingly, the graphics performance is nearing that of the M2 powered MacBooks. Moreover, the device supports gaming experiences comparable to consoles, exemplified by its ability to run games like Resident Evil Village, showcasing the potential of the iPhone as a portable gaming console.

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Design and Comfort:

The design evolution focuses on comfort and practicality, shifting from the heavier predecessors to lighter, more comfortable, and practical phones with contoured edges and matte finishes. The titanium build not only makes the device lighter but also adds a practical matte finish that reduces fingerprints and scratches, offering a more refined aesthetic.

Revolutionary Camera System:

The camera system of the iPhone 15 Pro series stands out not because of a single groundbreaking feature but due to the integration of various enhancements working seamlessly together. The 24-megapixel photos, coupled with the HEIF file format, deliver high-quality images with smaller file sizes. Additionally, the improved HDR and Photonic Engine enhance the color, detail, and dynamic range in different lighting conditions, providing users with a hassle-free and high-quality photography experience.

Battery and Charging:

The iPhone 15 Pro series has addressed battery concerns by incorporating a larger battery capacity, more mature software, and better heat dissipation. The transition to USB-C has also introduced the ability to reverse charge AirPods and other devices, adding another layer of convenience.

Pricing and Verdict:

The iPhone 15 Pro maintains its price at $999, while the Pro Max is available at $1,199. The Pro Max offers more storage and a better zoom lens, catering to those desiring the best in the iPhone series. The iPhone 15 Pro series, with its subtle innovations and enhancements, stands as a refined and well-integrated device, offering a surprisingly beneficial experience to the users.


The iPhone 15 Pro series may seem forgettable due to the lack of a standout feature. However, a closer look reveals a collection of subtle enhancements and innovations that contribute to a more refined and comfortable user experience. From the programmable Action Button, improved call quality, enhanced gaming experiences, to the revolutionary camera system and practical design modifications, the iPhone 15 Pro series represents a step forward in integrating technology seamlessly into our lives. The refined design and enhanced features make this series a valuable addition to the iPhone lineage.

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