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Professional 2D Plots in Origin Pro

Professional 2D Plots in Origin Pro - Origin Pro is a powerful graphing and data analysis software widely used in academic and professional settings. A YouTube video titled "How to make professional looking 2D plots in Origin Pro | Tutorial" offers an in-depth guide on enhancing the visual appeal and professionalism of 2D plots. This blog post summarizes the key points of the tutorial, providing a straightforward guide for users looking to improve their graph presentations in Origin Pro.

Initial Steps for Plot Enhancement

Adjusting Tick Marks

  1. Line and Ticks: Go to 'Line and Ticks' in the graph settings.
  2. Inner Tick Marks: Change major and minor ticks to the 'In' position for a cleaner look.

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Applying Scientific Notation

  1. Data Formatting: Double-click on the data to open formatting options.
  2. Scientific Notation: Select 'Scientific Notation' for both the X and Y axes for a more professional appearance.

Simplifying the Legend

  • Removing Unnecessary Legends: Delete the legend if the plot has only one line to avoid redundancy.

Adding a Box Frame

  1. Lines and Text: Navigate to 'Lines and Text' in the settings.
  2. Creating a Box: Enable 'Show Line and Tick' for the top and right sides of the plot to form a box around the graph.

Exporting the Graph

  1. File Export: Go to 'File', then 'Export Graph'.
  2. Selecting Format: Choose 'PDF' or other preferred formats for exporting.
  3. Saving the File: Select a file name and location, then click 'OK' to save.

Additional Customizations

Fine-Tuning Axes and Ticks

  • Position of Minor Ticks: Adjust the position of minor ticks to the outside for specific graphical needs.
  • Color Customization: Change the color of the axis or plot elements to match or contrast as desired.

Full-Screen Viewing

  • Better Visualization: Use the full-screen option for a detailed view of the graph and adjustments.


This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide for creating professional-looking 2D plots in Origin Pro. By following these steps, users can significantly enhance the clarity and aesthetic appeal of their graphs, making them suitable for presentations, publications, and reports. In summary, the video tutorial offers valuable insights and practical steps for users of Origin Pro looking to refine their 2D plots. These enhancements not only improve the visual impact of the graphs but also ensure that they meet the standards expected in professional and academic environments.

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