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Top 10 Physics Interview Topics on Quantum Mechanics

We will discuss Physics interview topics in Quantum Mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a very important topic in Physics. here is a list of few important topics which you must prepare for any physics interview which may involve questions based on quantum mechanics.

1D Potential well & Oscillator

You must know the details and calculations involving one-dimensional potential well and Quantum harmonic oscillator. details like the energy eigenvalues the nature of the wave function the probabilities and the basic calculation involving it.

Half Harmonic Oscillator

the half oscillator is very important in quantum mechanics. you must know the difference between half and full harmonic oscillators. you must also know the significance of the difference between the eigenvalues.

Finite Potential Well

Finite Potential well is an extension of The Infinite 1D potential well. you must know the nature of the eigenvalue and eigenvector and the calculation involving finite potential well.

Applications of Quantum Mechanics

Why are we study in quantum mechanics what are the places where quantum mechanics are used? what are some practical examples where quantum mechanics is used in different field of Physics and Science?


I don't want to say much about operator because that is fundamental in quantum mechanics you must know the important operation and functions involving operators you must know various operations relation between operators and the nature and property of operators in quantum mechanics.

Watch the video on Quantum Mechanics topics

Delta Function

Delta function is very important in quantum mechanics you must know the nature and property of delta function and also how are the wave function and eigenvalue look for Delta function potential

Spherical Solutions

You must know to solve the following equation both in cartesian coordinate and spherical coordinates systems.  for example, you should know how to solve the hydrogen atom problem which is a very standard and simpler spherical solution.

Classical vs Quantum

This is like Android vs iOS, Classical and Quantum Mechanics are different in many factors and there are a ton of examples where we do not need Quantum Mechanics and there is also a lot of examples where classical mechanics fails and we need Quantum Mechanics to explain it so you must know the examples and the theory behind it.

Probability and Expectation values

Probability and expectation value are some of the most fundamental theory in quantum mechanics you must be clear about what is probability?  what is probability density? how we can calculate expectation value at etc.

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