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Master the Art of Using a Teleprompter : 5 Essential Tips


Hello, everyone! As someone who has spent years in the branding and content creation industry, one question I often encounter is, "How do you manage to make such smooth, well-structured videos?" The secret sauce behind this is nothing but a teleprompter. Yes, you heard it right. In this article, I'll reveal some invaluable teleprompter tips and tricks that can revolutionize your content creation strategy. Let's dive right in!

The Power of Preparation

The first teleprompter tip I have for you might sound a bit dull, but trust me, it's the cornerstone of becoming proficient with this tool: Practice. Just like anything else, the more you rehearse with your teleprompter, the more natural you'll appear on camera.

Pro Tips for Practicing

  • Write down the title of the video in your script so that it helps during the editing stage.
  • Use a font and font size that you find comfortable.
  • Insert punctuation, even if it's not grammatically accurate, as it helps you while reading.

One Idea, One Sentence

A crucial lesson I learned from my broadcast journalism background is to keep one idea per sentence in your script. Unlike essay writing, where complex sentences might be welcomed, scriptwriting for teleprompters should be as straightforward as possible. A single idea per sentence helps maintain clarity and allows you to convey your points without tripping over your words.

Your Eyes are the Gateway

Teleprompter tip number three is to look past the teleprompter and into the lens of the camera. The teleprompter should serve as a guide, not as the focal point of your presentation. Maintaining eye contact with the camera lens instead of the teleprompter text helps you connect with your audience. It also prevents your eyes from darting back and forth, making your delivery appear more natural.

Customize Your Teleprompter Settings

Your comfort is essential when using a teleprompter. Different teleprompter apps and devices offer a range of adjustable settings:

  • Font Size & Style: Choose a font and size that you're comfortable with.
  • Text Margin: Adjust the width of the text column.
  • Scrolling Speed: Figure out a speed that complements your natural speaking pace.

These are just a few of the many options you can customize to your preference.

Confidence is Key

The fifth and final tip is to build your confidence. The more you practice with your teleprompter, the more confident you'll become. Feel free to go off-script occasionally; spontaneity keeps your delivery fresh and engaging. Keep experimenting with various settings and apps until you find the combination that works best for you.


Whether you're a seasoned video content creator or a business owner looking to venture into video marketing, these teleprompter tips are designed to make your life easier and your content better. Remember, the key to teleprompter mastery lies in practice, scriptwriting clarity, maintaining eye contact, personalizing your settings, and building confidence.

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