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Run COMSOL Multiphysics Simulations in Batch Mode from the Command Line

Learning to run simulations in Batch mode from the command line is essential if you don’t like waiting for each model to complete solving before you can start a new one. It turns out that this is a rather straightforward procedure.

Why Run in Batch Mode?

If your models are easy to put up but need a significant amount of effort to solve, this is a typical problem. Because they would compete for resources (RAM in particular), running many models at once on the same computer would be a bad idea because it would be slower than running them one after the other.

Setup windows settings

open environment variables

Add comsolbatch command as variable

path(default path):

C:\Program Files\COMSOL\COMSOLxx\Multiphysics\bin\win64

Press Shift on your keyboard and right click to open powershell

Type the comsol command for example in my case

comsolbatch -inputfile 1V.mph -outputfile 1V_sol.mph -study std1

you can also create a .bat file with multiple commands stacked together on a seperate line as shown below

The power shell window shows like:

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